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The 20th China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry & Tuning (Shenzhen)Trade Fair 2020


After a long six-month epidemic restriction order, EverFocus announced its participation in the first exhibition in 2020-the 20th Shenzhen International Automobile Tuning and Smart Travel Expo (AAITF), injecting changes into the sluggish market since the Spring Festival power.
AAITF is a professional exhibition positioned to create a "global trade platform for the entire industrial chain of China's automotive aftermarket." Its predecessor was a domestic-foreign trade fair for automotive supplies. Since its first in April 2006, it has been held for eighteen times. Known by the industry as the "wind vane of China's automotive aftermarket industry", people in the industry endow the wind vane with four meanings: one is early development, the other is large scale, the third is more new products, and the fourth is high-quality buyers. As of February 2019, the AAIFF exhibition has been successfully held for 18 sessions. After 13 years of development and accumulation, the scale of the exhibition has expanded year by year. The status and influence of the exhibition are second to none in the industry. In 2019, it will expand its scale to enter the world's largest exhibition hall-Shenzhen New Convention and Exhibition Center (500,000 square meters).
The momentum continues to be glorious. Through the use of Shenzhen's smart electronics industry base that integrates R&D, manufacturing and technological innovation, and its proximity to Hong Kong and its high international recognition, it has broadened its development support for AAITF exhibitors, based on Shenzhen, facing the country, and going to the world. Bigger and stronger. AAITF is hailed as "the vane of China's auto aftermarket" by industry insiders. Compared with other domestic exhibitions, AAITF has obvious advantages. EverFocus decided to participate in this year's exhibition. The fancy is the huge exposure of the exhibition and the number of exhibitors, hoping to recommend high-quality products to more users and partners.
This meeting is the first time EverFocus has participated in the mainland exhibition since its transformation into an industrial computer manufacturer. In order to pay more attention to the atmosphere, it has sent its own products from Taiwan to Shenzhen for exhibition. EverFocus China's branch office also fully cooperated, and particularly sent out the ace. The business came to the site to explain the leading technologies in order to jointly create the goal of the first sales!
To seize the opportunities in the automotive industrial control market, 7/10-7/12, the 20th Shenzhen International Automobile Refitting and Smart Travel Expo (AAITF), EverFocus is looking forward to meeting you.
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