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EverFocus Core Six Man of Smart Building Solution – EFN1590

EverFocus Core Six Man of Smart Building Solution – EFN1590
The Brand New 5-Megapixel 360° Panoramic View IR & WDR Fisheye Camera

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Taipei, Taiwan, July 30th 2020, EverFocus (stock code: 5484) as a pioneering and experienced provider of vision and security systems, has gladly released the latest 5-Megapixel 360° Panoramic View IR & WDR Fisheye Camera – EFN1590.
Inheriting the glorious reputation of EverFocus IP camera family while carrying the high expectation of the world, we could now announce confidently that EverFocus has found the one last piece for the puzzle of making perfect our Smart Building total solution.
Among all of our smart building solution partners, there are a lot of cases require big scale monitoring function. For instance, business buildings and campus, library, or even the retail market and airport are possible places. Under the long time situation, the quantity of camera influenced the cost of both power supply and human resources. The possibility of fatigue or mistake will be also higher than usual. Furthermore, the enormous amount of image data is a tough challenge to the storage devices. In that case, customers sometimes have to sacrifice parts of the corners to save the expenditure. For that reason, these areas became the blind spots in the building, which lead to the higher possibility of the happening of hazards.
The previous experience inspired EverFocus RD team, they began to think how to assist our partners optimize the monitor system with the least cameras? A perfect solution as a closely-coordinated team, it counts on the perfect cooperation by each single device. As what the famous NBA game enlightened us:
"It's not how much time you're in the game, it's what you do with that time."[1]

The latest EFN1590 featured 5MP progressive scan CMOS sensor and equipped with 1.1mm lens with 360° angle of view, you are now capable to monitor effortlessly all the blind spots that could not be seen before. On account of it, the EFN1590 is undoubtedly could be the best six man of EverFocus smart building total solution!
With one single EFN1590, embrace all the essential equipment: multi-streaming from H.265 / H.264 codec; true Day/Night functionality with automatic IR filter operation; extended IR range up to 5m / 16.4ft with 3 LEDs (depends on scene IR reflectivity). Furthermore, EFN1590 can support D-WDR and two way audio, ONVIF (Profile S, Profile G) function, live monitoring via mobile Apps (both iOS & Android), PoE and 12VDC. Last but not least, the weather-proof IP66 rated offers you indoor and outdoor mount availability for all kinds of applications.
In terms of on-scene application, the built-in four types of mounting angle enable different possibility to record images. Up to 12 types of dewarp review mode, entirely supports you to capture any important moment at any degree. The playback function helps you to inspect possible missing details at any time. The outstanding private mask function gives the sensitive area additional protection.
To go with the EverFocus flagship Industrial PC –eIVP-KBU-IV-V0004 (eIVP5600), all demands such as face recognition or auto fire alarm can be fulfilled. EFN1590 owns various advantages and features, whether you have imagined or not, that could provide you a brand new access to solution!

Ask us about the details, we are excited to show you how exquisite the smart building solution is >>>

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[1] Sixth Man

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