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Low Cost, High Efficiency! 5 Must-Have Products for Easy Building Management


Low Cost, High Efficiency! 5 Must-Have Products for Easy Building Management​

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Taipei, Taiwan, September 24th, 2020 - EverFocus (TWSE: 5484), the leading provider of image analytics solution, is excited to present our National Defense Authority Act (NDAA) compliant AIoT solution that provides higher level of security protection and makes routine patrol and inefficiency fade away.

All you need is a powerful server equipped with large storage capacity, AI Box and S-series camera to perfectly process data collection and analysis through the collaboration of central management system (CMS) and AiO NVR Software!

The It-Item for Data Storage

Looking for a trustworthy and reliable server? EverFocus strongly recommends Soter64 - an Intel® RFP Ready Kit (RRK) certified network server- as a central data storage device. With built-in Intel® Xeon®  E-2124G processor NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, Soter64 supports up to 64 channels of IP cameras along with 8 HDD bays with removable trays. It provides large storage capacity up to 80TB and is capable of continuous FHD recording span for over 1.2 months under the compression rate of H.265 and HEVC encoding engine.

Small Footprint, Great Performance!

Aligning S-series cameras with AI Box (eIVP-WHU-AI-D0000), a palm-size industrial PC which adopts 8th generation Intel® Core™ i3-8145UE and Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU, the supreme computing power fulfills the needs of fluent AI analysis processing such as people detection, hotspot/ heat-map tracking, crowd flow and missing object detection, loitering detection etc., strengthening the overall security protection in the building and boosting operational transparency that lifts efficiency.

Less Effort, More Efficiency

What can be the icing on the cake in this comprehensive NDAA compliant solution? We shall never miss out the combination of EverFocus CMS and AiO NVR Software. As the soul of edge devices, AiO NVR Software enables real-time recording and analysis while CMS plays a significant role for big data storage and post analysis.

Take access management for example, functions provided by AiO NVR Software like people detection, loitering detection, and people counting can help, with kiosks taking part in the scene, saving time of queuing and appointment verification at the reception. Meanwhile, CMS allows analysis of foot traffic as well as hotspots and leads to a more effective plan of manpower deployment.

In addition, this combo finely covers benefits such as accident prevention, efficiency boost and instant notification for reaction when facing emergency. That is, in case of people falling down, an alert will be triggered by posture detection, and the aide will be sent within the shortest time.

Or, while the fire emergency or power failure occurs, the command center of the building would receive notification of live pop-up and sound alarm for rapid reaction thanks to the coordination of AiO NVR Software; in this scenario, CMS helps with post analysis so the building managers could find out the cause of the fire or power failure and promptly come up with solutions to avoid the accident from happening again.

In short, EverFocus’ smart building solution is pretty applicable to various application scenarios, such as supermarket, library, hospital, bank, casino, and even our latest compelling accomplishment worked for Taiwan Mail Processing Center.


In the Mail Processing Center, Soter64 well adapts functions for facial recognition and license plate recognition; it not only enhances the overall security level by gaining awareness of all cars entering in the building but also facilitates personnel & logistics management.

Learn more about how EverFocus integrates logistic tracking management, daily operation, and security system reinforcement into our smart building solution, please find at:

(Author: Jyying Wu, 2020.09.24)

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