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EverFocus and Turing Drive join hands to create a new future for 5G car networking “driverless bus”


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September 30th, 2020

Taipei, Taiwan (September 30th, 2020) EverFocus Electronics Corporation, a leading security surveillance system and IPC manufacturer, today excitedly announced that it had participated in the Driverless Bus project developed by Turing Drive Inc. As EverFocus’ milestone, it symbolizes our image analysis technique had entered a brand new chapter.
The Driverless Bus project has entered the third phase - to welcome public trial rider. This Monday (9/28) morning, the partners organized a grand press conference in the lobby of the Taipei City Hall to share the valuable experience with the public.
This time, EverFocus Electronics plays the role of "transmitter of image analysis of the outside field environment" during the operation of self-driving buses. For the roadside unit (RSU) link of the project, EverFocus provides the new MIT network camera EZN1250-S with its industrial computer eIVP1570VE. Our technology can accurately transmit the collected images to the industrial computer for computing. With the help of AI recognition function, it can effectively judge various unexpected road conditions for driverless bus. That is the so-called Vehicle to Everything, V2X, a very important part of driverless bus project.
Since the "Unmanned Vehicles Technology Innovative Experimentation Act” was passed in 2018, a lot of domestic unmanned driving R&D teams have carried out test drive experiments. Turing Drive Inc. was one of them. The background story of the cooperation between EverFocus and Turing was not only for the domestic designed core chip, but also for the trust of EverFocus' 25-year image analysis skill. In the near future, EverFocus will continuously be a member of the national team and to bring out more excellent products to our customers! 


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