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EverFocus Massive Mini Tower Server – Ares128: Small Size, Massive Space.

EverFocus 128Ch Mini 12Bay Tower Server – Ares 128

For immediate release
September 30th , 2020

Taipei, Taiwan (September 30, 2020) – EverFocus Electronics Corporation today released the latest 128Ch Mini 12Bay Tower Server – Ares 128. Equipped with the Dual Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 CPU, supports up to 128 channels and is capable to run multiple channels with AXXON software AI functions: pedestrian detection, face detection, people counting and so on. Compares to EverFocus another Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits

certified product - Soter64, Ares128 NVR has the same size but contains dual CPU design, which allows it to have higher processing performance. Ares128 can not only place 12 sets of hot-swappable hard drives, but also extend 128 real-time images to four screens of 4K images. Without a doubt, Ares128 is a well-designed server for users who need high capacity and high performance simultaneously.

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Dual Intel® Xeon® CPU design  Better processing performance
The highlight part is Ares128 has 2 built-in Intel® Xeon® E5 processors. Meaning both image analysis and computing performances are upgraded. The Intel® Xeon® processor has Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX), which is commanded by the CPU. The unique hardware-based security technology formed by the platform's enhanced functions allows cloud providers to consolidate service security. Besides, Ares128 is equipped with NVIDIA professional graphics card, CUDA high-performance computing processing core. Through dedicated H.264 and HEVC encoding engine and independent 3D calculation channel decoding engine, provides faster and more powerful for transcoding, video editing as well as AI computing performance.
Mass storage space  Up to 120TB capacity
EverFocus Ares128 is a new generation flagship network recording server. With built-in Windows 10 Pro operating system, supports up to 128 channels of ONVIF certified IP cameras and PTZ camera connections. Ares128 matches RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 and supports up to 12 sets of 10TB hot-swappable hard drives. The HDD slot is able to run 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives at the same time, providing mass storage space that up to 120TB. For additional measures for stability, the R&D team enhanced it with a 1+1 redundant power supply. Users will no longer need to worry about the inconveniences caused by any faults. Ares128 is a device that used to store a large amount of images for a long time and supports a variety of AI network recording server in image compression mode.
Brilliant AI image analysis skill  Specifically tailored for users
In addition to the general recording, viewing, and playback functions, once equipped with AXXON CMS software, Ares128 will be able to support intelligent image analysis. It included motion detection, leftover/lost object detection, face detection, and license plate recognition. Through the CMS management system, users can view real-time images and playback at any place and any time through their web browsers or mobile device APPs (iOS or Android platform). Ares128 is a multi-functional network server. It can simultaneously record and store images in real time. It can also support simultaneous multi-channel image playback. The recording mode can be recorded in different ways according to user’s demands, such as continuous setting, diversified modes of recording, scheduled recording, event recording, and digital signal input which provides users with different choices.
Latest series of MIT 5MP IP cameras  Create a comprehensive solution
The Ares128 NVR can be used with EverFocus' newly launched Made in Taiwan (MIT) 5MP series cameras that comply with the US NDAA regulations. With EverFocus Central Monitoring System (CMS), to meet the remote management needs of multiple IP devices connected to the NVR. Provides high-resolution image input to live view, image recording, image playback, alarm notification, etc. These functions can be applied to transportation, government, public utilities, banks, schools, education, retail, and urban security and many other fields. EverFocus is skilled at creating customized solutions of different scales.

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