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Seizing the $27 billion Market, EverFocus Enters the National Defense Transportation Market


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December 24th, 2020

Taipei, Taiwan, December 24th, 2020 - Recently, Global Market Insight released a new survey on the National defense Transportation market. The report indicates that by 2026, the market will be worth more than 27 billion US dollars. As tension rises between various global militaries, governments are planning to replace existing equipment, purchase more advanced equipment and vehicles, and prepare for potential cross-border conflicts, which is expected to further stimulate the growth of the market. In the third quarter of this year, under the leadership of Tony Chang, the senior manager of the Asia-Pacific region, EverFocus won a large bid on a national defense transportation case that worth more than NT$ 200M, reflecting the market’s recognition and trust in the quality of EverFocus.


▲ Global Estimate of National defense Transportation Market

EverFocus Electronics has been cultivating the in-vehicle equipment market for over ten years, and it has become the company’s most successful product. In recent years, the company has transformed into an industrial computer manufacturer, combining the past in-vehicle systems and security image analysis technology to create a complete, high quality product line, launching multiple vertical application market solutions such as smart transportation.

As a pioneer of the MIT national team, EverFocus Electronics has also released a made in Taiwan total solution of driving assistance systems that meet the specifications of the auto industry, while also strictly ensured the quality of the product pre-sales and post-sales. This strict assurance of quality sets EverFocus firmly on top of the domestic automotive system field.

The pandemic hinders short-term growth, Long-term market still has good sign
In 2020, under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, global governments had mostly redistributed budgets from the defense sector to the healthcare sector to curb the spread of the virus. This has caused negative growth within the defense transportation market, as governments continue to invest in resources for economic recovery. However, most experts are still optimistic that the defense transportation market will resume growth as the impact of the pandemic diminishes.
Technological innovations and advancements in the integration of satellite navigation, automatic transmission systems and radio communication in national defense transportation have also brought positive prospects to the market. In addition, considering the harsh conditions of wartime, it is increasingly important that troops and cargo can be transported to the required locations smoothly and efficiently, which also promotes the growth of the value of the defense transportation market.

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 EverFocus MDVR total solution
The Unlimited Potential of the Asian-African Market: EverFocus’ Supply Chain Layout Is Ready
The Global Market Insight Report also shows that the national defense transportation market in the Asia-Pacific region will reach another rapid growth. With local conflicts and tensions building between nations, many countries including China, South Korea, and India are steadily increasing defense expenditures while cooperating with border and domestic manufacturers. The demand for cooperation and manufacturing continues to grow, promoting the development of the Middle East and African markets.
Steve Hsu, the senior consultant of EverFocus, appointed that his observation about the market is investing in the development of new products integrated with front-end technology to meet the growing needs of the national defense sector. EverFocus’ in-vehicle system products included front-end vehicle camera lenses to driving assistance devices, and to the back-end AI supported edge computing industrial computer. A one-stop supply chain has been built, partners are able to freely carry their own software or combine with the central control system developed by EverFocus to create a comprehensive safety transportation network.
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