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3 Reasons to Count on EverFocus VANGUARD II for Surveillance

3 Reasons to Count on EverFocus VANGUARD II for Surveillance

Taipei, Taiwan, 12 March, 2021
EverFocus (TWSE: 5484), a leading manufacturer of professional image analysis industrial computers - launched a new generation of hybrid digital video recorder - VANGUARD II series. The full range is in line with the US national defense Authorization Act NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). Components, mechanical aesthetic design, and excellent quality are made in Taiwan throughout the process, providing diversified and guaranteed solutions to all users.

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▲Whole new generation of  XVR made in Taiwan with exllence. Source: EverFocus

Reason 1: Designed and manufactured by Taiwan excellence prize-winner
EverFocus, as a leader in the field of video surveillance, has not only continuously enriched product selection and improved image recognition technology, but also found and met the unknown needs of users is our constant persistence for 26 years. The launch of the VANGUARD II series, from design, R&D to production, is completed in Taiwan; it is a hybrid digital video recorder (XVR) that has been fully integrated and upgraded based on field investigations and researches in response to the needs and limitations of various surveillance fields.
Whether it is mixing analog and digital cameras, using only analog cameras (up to 16 channels) or digital cameras (up to 12 channels) to record, the VANGUARD II series can use H.264/H.265 compression to firmly grasp the monitoring screen for a long time.

Reason 2: Guard data security with USA NDAA compliant devices
As the level of data streaming services becomes wider and wider, data storage, transmission, and security maintenance have become one of the first factors that users consider when purchasing. The U.S. government entered into force the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on August 13, 2019, and put forward regulations and restrictions on the use of some telecommunications/security monitoring equipment and the sources of parts in Section 889.
The VANGUARD II series not only use all chips and components that comply with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) specifications to protect information security from the source; to increase the convenience of network imaging equipment integration, and to ensure that manufacturers, software developers, and the products provided by Independent Software Vendors (ISV) are compatible and interoperable.
The design of VANGARUD II series also complies with the relevant Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) Profile S agreement. Users can directly add the VANGUARD II series In their existing system architectures; therefore, saving on cost and time of overall system replacement.

Reason 3: Multiple AI functions at service with server-level CMS software integrated solutions

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▲Complete and competitive total solution for comprehensive data protection. Source: EverFocus

The VANGUARD II series is a Hybrid Video Recorder (XVR) that can record analog and IP cameras. It provides users with outstanding video recording services and comprehensive information security management. Now that Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are developing rapidly, the application of AI functions is becoming more and more diversified, and the levels involved are more extensive. In this regard, EverFocus also carefully considers the various possibilities of back-end data storage, utilization and analysis for users.
Here is how VANGUARD II can be deployed in a total solution:
Integrate the VANGUARD II series with EverFocus’ server system Ares128 (up to 128 channels) OR Intel® RRK certified Soter64 (up to 64 channels), users can use AXXON’s CMS software (Central Management System) to watch in real-time video or playback screen remotely anytime, anywhere.
In addition, AXXON’s CMS software provides image AI analysis, such as: noise detection, motion detection, smoke and flame detection, and even people/vehicle search functions – these AI functions could all be customized to adapt to the requirements of users.
The arrival of VANGUARD II series turns the definition of security control from passive to active, providing comprehensive protection. “Your safety, our Focus” that is our unchanging commitment for you.


Learn more about VANGUARD II series:

(Author: Jyying Wu, 2021.03.12)

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