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EverFocus Cooperated with Touch Cloud to Build Advanced AI Image Analytics Solution

Taipei, Taiwan, Jun. 21, 2021 –EverFocus Electronics (TPE: 5484), the leading provider of smart spaces and smart transportation solutions, today announced its self-developed AiO NVR Software will be paired with Touch Cloud’s self-developed artificial intelligence system. The newly upgraded AiO NVR Software will be able to identify objects in different fields, such as smart factory, smart safety, smart retail electronic billboards, law enforcement technology, and smart transportation including roadside and vehicle side applications, and other smart city scenarios with indispensable applications.
EverFocus AiO NVR perfectly integrates intrusion detection regardless of scale
AiO NVR Software is a network video recording system, which can be installed on any industrial computer from EverFocus' two series - Intel x86 and NVIDIA ARM platforms (Intel corresponds to eIVP series, NVIDIA corresponds to eNVP series), providing 8 channels of real-time Image, video playback, real-time alarm, cloud storage and other functions, most importantly it allows excellent integration performance of third-party AI software.
AiO Interface
AiO actual operation interface

Touch Cloud’s R&D team, in Taiwan, is committed to the development of various artificial intelligence products, products that change the world. This cooperation with EverFocus can accurately identify the entry and exit of personnel in strategic areas, send real-time alarms, and further calculate and record personnel entry and exit information, thus carefully control personnel access management.
Among the successful cases is the Taipei Stargazing Community, EverFocus’ flagship Intel industrial computer, the eIVP-KBU-IV-V0004 (eIVP5600) equipped with an amazing intrusion detection system, won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2020. The software builds electronic fences in communities with many elderly residents, and provides fall detection and intrusion seismic detection functions. It not only effectively assists management units to reduce labor costs, but also provides timely warnings for abnormal conditions, reminding guards of abnormal conditions, and strengthens the function of guarding more effectively the community.
Humanized global customization service, R&D and Technical support in one-step
Looking at the world; the Hong Kong Airport’s elevation is at sea level and because of this elevation some of the facilities are mostly placed at sea. Ships in the port may hit those facilities when they encounter bad weather conditions, such as fog, heavy rain, typhoon, etc. Therefore, the airport management wanted to find a suitable detection system to help prevent such losses. Intrusion detection system has played a perfect role, greatly reducing the maintenance costs of buildings or facilities that are damaged by collisions and extending their use. Longevity: another example is the "slope intrusion detection" of a railway or rail system in a situation in which the system can fully develop its capabilities through learning. Through artificial intelligence training and deep learning all objects can be detected. As long as it is within the set range, for example, large-scale traffic violation-related intrusions (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam cases), tunnel vehicle detection (Singapore case), even if it is limited to level crossing intrusions, or red line violations and other technology enforcement areas possible to detect.
When customers demand for intrusion detection objects is no longer just people, it may be helmets, protective vests, or any other objects. AiO NVR Software and KekkAI can achieve their goal. In short, customers can freely match their needs from numbers of industrial computers launched by EverFocus with different specifications and applicable places. No matter which available fields from shopping malls, smart building management or smart fleet management, you can always find a suitable solution!
High-end models locked-in high AI demand market, EverFocus dual-platform models are ready to go
People usually say that the industrial computer field is a world that seeks stability but not innovation. EverFocus prides itself to be the leading brand of global image recognition. In addition to the constant selection of quality and service for the past 30 years, it has delved into advanced technology and has thought about the future demands from its customers – this has been the nature of EverFocus, and it basically took a long-term view into the layout. In response to future technologies such as 5G and autonomous driving, the market's demand for AI is becoming more and more crucial. EverFocus will launch IPCs paired with the 11th generation Intel CPUs in the second half of 2021. The Tiger Lake chipset model has higher CPU and GPU performance than the previous generation processors, effectively accelerating AI computing and greatly reducing computing performance; and NVIDIA Xavier AGX can provide up to 32 Tera in a nearly mini 100 x 87mm module size OPS (TOPS) peak calculation, and has 10W, 15W and 30W configurable operating modes. A variety of new models are ready to be put to work and can be painlessly matched with EverFocus AiO NVR Software. For details, please look at the EverFocus official news center or subscribe to us EverFocus' newsletter to get the latest news first-hand.
During the Pandemic lots of companies and several governments have tried to initialize some type of contact tracing - current methods are mostly done through oral inquiry which is mostly primitive. In our current technological age, we should avoid the use of primitive methods to reduce inefficiency and errors, after all, human memory is limited. In fact, it is faster to retrieve information from images, but general image viewing requires a lot of manpower. This collaboration between EverFocus and Touch Cloud can be expanded to support multi-camera tracking in the future. It is worth mentioning that the technology used in this feature is not traditional facial recognition. Instead, it uses the physical characteristics of the day, such as shirt color and wearable objects, to track across the camera, avoiding the unrecognizable problems caused by distance and occlusion. Customers who are interested in the cases or functions from this article are welcomed to contact EverFocus for business application details.

(Author: Anna Lin)
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About Touch Cloud
Founded in 2016, Touch Cloud Inc. specializes in deep learning, edge computing and cloud architecture. With a strong R&D team, it develops smart city image analysis solutions that meet market needs. . At present, four standard products have been developed and launched: KekkAI (personnel intrusion detection), KekkAI-H (construction site safety detection), Abaci (people flow/vehicle flow calculation), GotchA! (Cross-camera person tracking/finding). Intel, the global chip leader, even awarded Touch Cloud MRS (Market Ready Solution) to certify the high availability and reliability of its products.
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