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EverFocus will be embracing AI in trucking at Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS)!

Taipei, Taiwan, March 1st, 2022 – EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), the world-class AI solution-ready package (SRP) provider announced that they will attend Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) as a host on March 24-26 at booth number: 62212, Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, USA.
Within the outstanding development in smart transportation & smart city for 25 years, EverFocus can implement its solid video analytics skills to various transportation scenarios to increase driving safety in a smart way, such as commercial fleets, buses and ambulances. EverFocus is dedicated to providing the most suitable industrial PCs, CCTV, and mobile DVR for the customers to conduct AI functions. Since the last few years, EverFocus has earned several awards for its industrial PCs, and acquired ISO9001, ISO14001 certifications. EverFocus also joined Intel IPA as a Gold Tier member and NVIDIA Preferred Partner in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Besides, EverFocus has obtained Microsoft Azure service certifications for industrial computer products which earned the Taiwan Excellence and COMPUTEX d&i award.
In MATS, EverFocus will showcase demos of its AI functions for smart transportation via its powerful industrial PCs based on both Intel & NVIDIA platforms.
With the Intel platform, and third-party cameras, the eNVP-JNN-IV-V0008 (eIVP1570VE) can conduct Driver Fatigue Detection on the vehicle’s devices. When the terminal camera receives the driving distraction message, the industrial PCs will analyze the data and send an alarm notification. Therefore, the eNVP-JNN-IV-V0008 (eIVP1570VE) will trigger the alarm when the driver is distracted to monitor the driving status. Besides, through the installation of multi-angle IP cameras and the serial connection of industrial computers, blind-spot detection (BSD) can be successfully performed, allowing drivers to detect blind spots within 360 degree viewing angle, thereby increasing driving safety. Furthermore, XFleet 2.0 is a unique software developed by EverFocus; it can conduct real-time GPS tracking and playback graphical analysis reports, which enhances the efficiency and accuracy of fleet management.
In terms of NVIDIA platform, the eNVP-JTX-AI-UB000 can be used in smart station, connecting to the central control center, virtual fence, face recognition and people flow can be successfully executed to ensure station safety and management efficiency. What’s more, the eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 is the most competitive module based on Volta GPU; it is eligible to develop smart railway inspection, which can be used to achieve track curvature detection and Bridge firmness detection.
In the customer service aspect, EverFocus upholds the customer-oriented core value and is committed to providing customers with highly customized services. In addition to smart transportation and smart city, EverFocus has successful cases in other vertical markets, such as smart retail and smart campus. According to the needs of customers, EverFocus can not only provide customized hardware but also the AiO (All-in-One) system that has been exclusively developed by EverFocus and can easily integrate various terminal devices, which not only reduces costs but also greatly increases integration efficiency.
It is a precious opportunity to explore what kinds of AI solutions EverFocus can provide for the customers at MATS. EverFocus are excited to see all of you soon!
Contact information, EverFocus USA:
+1 (626) 844-8888
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