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Industrial Computers

For over 20 years, EverFocus has been a leader in sophisticated vehicle electronic monitoring and surveillance systems. EverFocus cold chain solution for monitoring and tracking Eva Air food transportation truck, it can ensure all transportation procedure is under HACCP( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) management. This automotive aftermarket cold chain solution received most partner appreciation and affirmation.

The new AI Smart Surveillance Industrial Computer (eIVP5600) is the first fanless, built-in 7th Gen. Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processor, mobile NVR product that was designed to serve as an in-mobile network video recorder (NVR) platform. This innovative product  wins Taiwan Excellence 2020 award with intelligent and resilient design for automotive aftermarket, offering AI technology in software to protect vehicles via 4G remote monitoring. The smart surveillance system also can be installed in fleet vehicles to prevent freight or equipment theft and can be used in mass transit fleets to ensure the safety of passengers by providing real-time surveillance footage and access to traffic and road conditions. The product features an Intel® Movidius™ AI core module to ensure unknown person or vehicle can be detected. EverFocus joined Intel® ISA General member of IoT Solutions Alliance in Oct 2019.

EverFocus eIVP1570VE carry most mobility feature that can empower NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ max AI performance. All-in-one total solution can provide remote CMS, NVR software and mobile APP for all kinds of applications. BSP (Board Support Package) helps developer can have easy way to create required GPIO function through our document. The most developer favorite SDK (software development kit) will be provided and authorized by our carrier board without any additional charge.

  • Server System

    EverFocus manufactures high quality server system to satisfy customers' demands on large storage space with intellegent function. 

  • Edge Computer

    EverFocus provides both Intel® and NVIDIA® platform industrial computers. Our IPC is capable to run AI edge computing functions. 

  • Camera

    EverFocus provide multiple interface and form factor camera for industrial computers, including USB, RJ-45...etc.

  • Software

    EverFocus edge computer software provides various vertial solution application features, which can install on most x86 platform for transportation, education, suveillance, retail and medical health care.

  • Accessories

    Edge computer accessories can allow users expand device functions, like 4G connection, GPS, sensor and more.

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