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( NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX / Jetson Nano™)

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eNVP Series
( NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX / Jetson Nano™)

EverFocus eNVP series is first launched NVIDIA® solution that empowered by latest NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX and Jetson Nano™ max AI performance.

EverFocus eNVP AI NVR supports Jetson SOM series products, including the new Jetson Xavier ™ NX and Jetson Nano ™. The new Jetson Xavier ™ NX is equipped with 6 Arm v8.2 processor cores, 384 CUDA core Volta architecture graphics processors, 48 ​​Tensor processor cores, and 2 Deep Learning Accelerator engines. With a power consumption of 15W, a minicomputer of the size as a credit card has 21TOPS (trillion operations) deep learning performance, making it an ideal edge computing platform for accelerating AI applications. The AI ​​NVR system allows AI applications to be used in several environments, such as deployment in smart street-light boxes or commuter/school buses of smart city projects.

All-in-one total solution can provide remote CMS, NVR software and mobile APP for all kinds of applications. BSP (Board Support Package) helps developer can have easy way to create required GPIO function through our document. The most developer favorite SDK (software development kit) will be provided and authorized by our carrier board without any additional charge.


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