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Transportation has always played an indispensable role in modern life. Transportation can be simply explained as the dependency relationship formed by the needs of people, vehicles, and roads. According to the survey of international organizations, regardless of gender, age, region, or income, When people consider daily transportation, more than 60% of the people put safety as the priority, followed by time control and cost burden; when the government plans transportation, of course, the factors considered are safety first, then efficiency. Arriving at the destination, and then the cost, I always hope that the cost of transportation can be worth the money and not cause a burden on life.
With the change of the times, the pursuit of efficiency management in the past is now more expected of good service quality. Information as a service, providing the information required by users is the most basic task, and more importantly, how to properly analyze and feed the collected data to existing services. Smart transportation can break through the limitations of hardware development. For example, it can be integrated with the central control center in the station, which can not only optimize the best route for passengers to take a ride, but also provide smart advertising services so that passengers can receive the most suitable advertisements while waiting for the bus. News. Help passengers enjoy smooth and safe transportation services more flexibly, not only taking into account the traffic efficiency, saving management costs, but also benefiting the public, industry, and the urban environment.
EverFocus's smart station solution is born out of this! Through EverFocus's highly customized industrial computer and terminal camera, suitable AI applications are provided. For passengers, from the moment they step into the station to the time they arrive at their destination, it not only allows passengers to have a comfortable ride experience but also ensures their safety of passengers and meets their entertainment needs. For station managers, the management efficiency is significantly improved and the reduced operating costs are.

Efficient Parking process:
EverFocus uses its powerful Intel-based industrial computer with SG series cameras to perform LPR's AI function, allowing passengers to instantly find exclusive parking spaces when they drive to the station, saving extra time in searching for parking spaces.

Efficient Ride Route Optimization:
In response to the complex pedestrian flow at the station, EverFocus can detect the crowd flow and integrate with the station central control center to distinguish the smooth and congested areas on the signboards in the station, providing passengers with the most efficient riding route and improving the riding efficiency of passengers.

Virtual Electronic Fence Enhances Platform Safety:
Through the edge sensing device of EverFocus, a virtual fence is established on the platform and rails. When a passenger or obstacle crosses the electronic fence, an alarm is triggered to notify the station staff in time. Significantly reduce the chance of accidents caused by human error.

Loitering Detection Monitors Suspicious Persons:
EverFocus installs security cameras in specific computer rooms and dead-end areas to collect data and transmit the data to industrial computers with high computing power. When a person stays for more than a certain time, an alert will be triggered to the central control center to effectively detect suspicious persons.

Suspicious Item Detection Eliminates Potentially Dangerous Items:
Using the industrial control host with AI scalability and the edge sensing device, when suspicious items stay in the same place for a long time, an alarm will be triggered in time to notify the station staff. Effectively prevent potentially dangerous items and reduce the chance of causing harm.
 Suspicious Item

Fall Detection Ensures the Safety of the Elderly and Children:
Through AI data interpretation, when abnormal deformation of the point, line, and surface structure of the human body is detected, an alarm will be triggered in time, and the station staff will be notified to come to assist. Reduce the chance of human error putting passengers at risk and ensure timely assistance.
Smart Signage Plays the Most Suitable Ads:
Through AI interpretation, according to the age, and gender of passengers, the most suitable advertisements are pushed and broadcast so that entertainment information can effectively reach the audience.

EverFocus is committed to providing customers with the most suitable customized solutions, customer-oriented is our aim, please free to contact us if you have other inquiries!



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