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消息 & 活動

  • 2020.05.28

    慧友電子正式發表NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX AI NVR產品

    eNVP-JNX-IV AI NVR (內建NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX SOM)系統可支援額外安裝 WiFi, 4G mini PCI-E 模組與平台進行數據傳輸,未來也支援升級5G模組,將可廣泛應用在智慧城市各垂直市場中,包含智能監控、智慧交通等領域,最多可以支援8路ONVIF認證的IP攝影機以及PTZ攝影機連接。

  • 2020.05.14

    慧友電子推出 MStar 系列網路攝影機

    監控與IPC製造領導品牌慧友電子, 隆重推出 MStar 系列網路攝影機 – EHN1250-S, EBN1240-S, EZN1240-S, EZN1250-S

  • 2020.05.05

    慧友電子推出 eIVP-CFS-IV-V0004 工業電腦主機

    監控與IPC製造領導品牌慧友電子, 隆重推出支援Intel®第九代處理器工業電腦主機 – eIVP-CFS-IV-V0004

  • 2020.04.15

    AEI: EverFocus Vehicle Information Systems Target U.S., Europe

    EverFocus next-generation computers for the artificial intelligence (AI) smart monitoring industry incorporate 7th generation Intel processor, and are designed to function as mobile network video recorders (NVRs), enabling vehicle monitoring through 4G remote monitoring. Installing a smart monitoring system in a vehicle provides monitoring function to prevent the theft of the vehicle itself and mounted devices, and enables the combination of real-time monitoring images of several vehicles and traffic and road information, thereby playing a major role to improve management function.

  • 2020.04.07

    「台北国際自動車部品及びアクセサリー見本市」が延期 注目を集める台湾部品企業


  • 2020.04.01

    慧友電子推出 Soter64 網路錄影機與硬體主機

    監控與IPC製造領導品牌慧友電子, 隆重推出NVR錄影主機 – Soter64

  • 2020.03.24

    EverFocus Embedded World 2020 智慧零售英文版

    Embedded World is the premier global event representing embedded system industry. EverFocus has been engaged in the field of electronic security over 25 years.

  • 2020.03.24

    Embedded World 2020 V2X 德語版

    EverFocus, a leading integrated mobile solution-based provider, focusing on serveral IoT technologies, such as IoV and Vehicle-to-everything (V2X). As the world of IoT moves forward, EverFocus is at the forefront with its latest innovations to drive the security industry forward.

  • 2020.02.07

    Meet EverFocus in Embedded World 2020!!

    EverFocus will demonstrate Intel® Movidius and eIVP1570VE and eIVP1570DE (NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ Core) AI embedded systems at Hall 4 booth 4-639, Embedded World 2020 in Exhibition Centre Nürnberg.

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